Thursday, November 10, 2011

I'm happy again, Samurai Zombie Hunter and other revelations

Words: 10,000
Time: 2 days
Mood: Great
Impression: It's good enough

Lots of interesting things have happened since my last post. First about today's writing. I'm combing two days of numbers because last night I finished writing at 4 AM and my head hurt something fierce. I was able to write 5,500 words for the day even though I went to see a movie screening of J. Edgar Hoover. I didn't like the movie.

Today about 4,500 words and took lots of breaks, but I still could finish the story. And now again, even though I stayed very hydrated and kept eating and eating, my head hurts again. This time I had to stop. I will just finish tomorrow. It is times like this that I'm reminded that writing isn't like making a widget or a cog.

When you think of it, writing is kind of an amazing thing. It is one of the few professions where the practitioner creates so much of the end product. A movie director might be another and some inventors are another. And because a writer has to create every single moment in their head, it makes writing quite an ability. My fall back thought always was that anyone can write. But perhaps that's not true. Maybe it takes a special person to write a story even though almost anyone can tell one.

Now onto a few of the interesting things. After a year of working on it, Samurai Zombie Hunter is released. The book is unlike anything else out there and I'm proud of it. I reread it before I put it out and the book is damned interesting. The editor of the book referred to me as a talented storyteller after reading only half of it and the second half is even better. The story's backdrop is this zombie world, but the heart of it is a human story about what it takes for a human (specifically a man) to not feel alone. It's unique I tell you.

The second big thing is that October was my first full month of selling erotica and in that first month I sold over 700 books. That is quite an accomplishment. It took me writing 11 books but it was still quite a feat. It also meant that I made enough to cover more than my month,s expenses. If it continues for the next few months, I will be able to only write as a source of income. That would be awesome! I was kind of ashamed that I was writing erotica initially, but then it dawned on me, with only him creativity and words, I can bring people to the point of sexual excitement. As a man with an ego, that is pretty friggin' cool!

Third bit of big news. I'm happy! Some of you might remember a post from a while back when I had hit my lowest point. It was low... and the post was dark. In it I very openly expressed how displeased I was with my life and hoped that it would draw to a conclusion as quickly as possible. Well, all it seem to take to pull me out of it was to achieve a life long goal of sustaining myself in a field that I can't be fired from, revolves around creative expression and is compensated based on merit. Well, that ended up to be writing. And me having sold what I have, makes my life make sense again.

I always believed that I should have been able to do what I did last month. And now that I have, the world makes sense again. And now that it makes sense again, I can trust all of my other beliefs again. And now that I can trust all of my other beliefs again, I feel a sense of peace that I have haven't felt in over 4 years. I have become the man I set out to be when I was 17 and this time I mean it in a good way.

So please check out Samurai Zombie Hunter. I swear it is a good book. Just read the sample chapter if you don't believe me. If you don't like it, don't get the book. It isn't for everyone, but if you like the sample, you will love the book. Please enjoy!

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