Monday, September 5, 2011

I know why the caged zombie doesn't sing... it's because it can't touch itself

Words: 6,377

Time: noon - 3:30 & 9 - 2:30am

Mood: Tired

Impression: I'm not sure if this is as hot as the first book

I started writing the second book today. I'm not sure if it is having the same effect on me as writing the first one, so I wonder if it is as titillating. I do know that the story is more interesting so there's definitely that.

On another note I now know why I hated writing Samurai Zombie Hunter so much. I had been abstinent during my time writing the entire book. I did it so I could feel a yearning that would inspire what I wrote to describe how the zombies felt about their yearning for brains.

It worked. But it also had an unforeseen effect of make the book a lot more sexual than I would otherwise have made it. I'm not sure how good that is for a zombie book, but clearly writing more sexual material is very effective for writing erotic fiction.

With this in mind I have decided to again go abstinent while writing these novelettes. During the first novelette I almost felt like I was either going to beat someone up or have sex with them. I kept flipping between each. And my fuse was definitely shorter.

I had thought that I would stay abstinent until I finished this book as well but I couldn't do it. I had to release the pressure. I couldn't take writing about sex anymore without releasing the pressure. I had to let go. And boy did that feel good.

Now with the second book I don't feel the pressure quite so much. Maybe because I had been abstinent a longer time before I began the last one. Maybe it was for another reason. Either way I'm abstinent again, and although it's not as bad, I still need to leave my computer and contemplate "life" every few pages.

My plan is to finish this second book tomorrow. It will be another late day. But it will be kind of cool to have written two novelettes in 6 days.

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