Sunday, September 4, 2011

Now I'm proud of my Erotic Fiction book series

The very first thing I did this morning as I lay in bed was think about my erotic book series. I was supposed to start writing it today. But since I was tired all day yesterday, and since I unexpectedly stayed out all night last night, I didn't get the outline for Book 2 done as I had planned.

So instead, this morning I figured out what the books will be. Book 1 is done. On the surface the story looks like an excuse to write about endless sex. But in fact it isn't. The sex is the toll that I had to pay to tell the story that I've been wanting to write, the story is about this very interesting person I once met.

I didn't know that though until this morning when I plotted out the entire book series. The way the series is structured is as 4 porn-like novelettes which are complete on their own. But when all 4 are read together it is like one novel. However, because of the amount of sexual encounters in each of the novelettes they can't be made into a novel without a lot of editing. So it's only in a series that they tell the full story.

In general the series is about 2 people in their early 20's who start out on the opposite sides of the innocent/corruption scale. The thrust of the book though, is about how each of them are inspired by the other to go to the opposite side of the scale than where they begun. It is also about how two people that start out in life with nothing but their sexuality and cunning, escape their upbringing to chisel out their own piece of the American dream from the corrupt world of sex and drugs where they found each other.

I would never have had the guts to tell this story if I hadn't decided to try my hand at erotic fiction. I think I would have said that nothing profound happens in it, so why should I waste my time writing it. All of my novels (minus Fixing Cupid) are about some life lesson. This series is just about 2 interesting people trying to escape the circumstance of their birth. It just so happens that in this case the circumstance that they were born into is very much linked to sex. But just like in every novel I've written, both characters are just lonely people looking for happiness.

It's a simply story in a way. The only thing that makes it different from all of my other work is that it is laden with sex... and it has a crime caper. I have never written a crime caper before.

But yes, now that I know what I'm writing, I'm kind of proud of these books. Will anyone be interested in reading a character study with endless sex in it. With my luck being what it is... who knows. But either way, I'm now excited about writing these books instead of disgusted at myself for doing it. I am a little sad that no one I know will ever read them. But we can't get everything we want, right?

So now that book 2 is plotted out, tomorrow I will get up and devote at least 6 hours of my day to writing. Hopefully I get through half of it leaving only the other half for Monday. Here's to creating erotic art. :-)

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