Thursday, June 9, 2011

I'm not going to finish Samurai Zombie Hunter

So yesterday I got my first reviews for Run From the Reaper. How were they, you may ask? Well let me put it this way. I will never write another book. Was it that bad, you may ask? Umm, not really. But the reviews set a chain of events into motion which have gotten me to here.

While reading the reviews I accidentally saw my book ranking. It was shockingly low considering how much promotion i have done. SHOCKINGLY! I then sat and thought about it and something that I've known for awhile came to mind. I just don't write commercial stuff. Fixing Cupid is really my only commercial book and I hated myself for a very long time after writing it. And for as much time as I put into writing, I can't not making a living at it.

But it wasn't only that that book was ranked low, but all of my recent books were low. And I'm not talking "hey that's not bad for your first month/s" low. I mean "I tested my cover, my blurb, and i've spent hours promoting, so are fucking kidding me," low. I mean seriously, ARE YOU FUCKIN' KIDDING ME!

So because the bad reviews hurt my ego, i pulled RFTR from sale. I also pulled Happiness May Vary. I then increased my book prices to where they were in February because the lower kindle price killed my paperback sales without getting me many more sales on Kindle. I think I got more sales on the ipad than on Kindle.

And I really don't see the need to finish Samurai Zombie Hunter or continue with the Everybody vs The Ferret series. Writing it was a devastating process. Why release it. If I can't even get more than a handful of sales with Fixing Cupid a very funny book, then what chance do i have with SZH and EVTF.

And now that the author part of my life is over, the problem is that my life has no purpose. Writing was my anchor. But I never enjoyed writing so I would never do it for fun. So now I'm a drift in the open sea. Oh well, such is life. At least I had the chance to try that too. :-)

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