Thursday, June 2, 2011

New Cover for Samurai Zombie Hunter

Books: Samurai Zombie Hunter
Books: Everybody vs The Ferret: 2
Words: 568
Time: noon - 2pm
Mood: Pretty good
Impression: It's Ok

My writing got completely derailed today because I had to deal with business when I woke up. And then after that another author asked me for advice. And after that I had to run a very important errand. So by noon my mind was reeling. I had to do meditation to bring my mind back into focus.

I did manage to write the opening scene of the book so that was good. But then a friend send me a text about playing racquetball. That was the last straw. I broke.
But that taught me a good lesson. Tomorrow I won't even turn on my phone until after my writing is done. Tomorrow will be fine.

Instead of writing tonight I decided that I would send out my emails to the winners of my book giveaway. Yeah, I haven't done that either. I think I will though.

Late last night I did do some work on my cover for Samurai Zombie Hunter. So far people are liking it but it's not official until the folks on give me the seal of approval. The cover is above. Let me know what you think about it.

The last two day have been the day when everyone reports their sales on KindleBoards. It is always very inspirational and very depressing at the same time. I haven't checked my sales number in 75 days because I couldn't take obsessing on the sales anymore. So as I watch so many people increase month after month, in my mind I have only sold about 7 of each of my books. That impression makes me depressed because my books have to be better then some of theirs. I feel like I deserve to sell more than 7 books a month.

I did notice that my book Happiness May Vary has increased on my bestselling list. I'm hoping that it isn't because all of my other books have gotten weaker. It would suck if I've dropped down to 6 books a month.

Anyway, I should get to sending out the letters to the winners of Run From The Reaper. Jeez, I hope they enjoy it.

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