Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A new cover for Everybody vs The Ferret: 2

Book: Everybody vs The Ferret: 2
Words: 10,890 (edited)
Time: 10:30 - noon & 3 - 7pm (minus .5hrs)
Mood: Good
Impression: It's great satire

I was able to get through the entire book today. And surprisingly enough it didn't require a lot of changes. I am going to make a second pass at it tomorrow, but that one will just be for humor. There are at least 3 humor points where I didn't maximize the humorous potential. I will see if I can tomorrow.

I probably shouldn't admit this in my blog but when I was editing Fixing Cupid I laughed out loud quite a bit. I didn't while editing Everybody vs The Ferret: 2. Granted that doesn't mean that it isn't funny. I didn't laugh at half of the book Happiness May Vary and everyone says that it's funny all of the way through. I didn't laugh at all at Everybody vs The Ferret: 1, and the two comedy writers that read it for me both said it was funny.

What I can say is that it is a very funny premise. And it's pretty brilliant satire. I can also say that I laughed a couple of times when I was coming up with the ideas. And I wrote the ideas in a way that maximized its potential humor. But if it is laugh out loud funny, I don't see it. But again, it is extremely clever and great satire. Oh, and I should mention that I had taken a longer break between writing and editing Fixing Cupid. That probably allowed me to get more distance before reading it.

Attached is the new cover for Everybody vs The Ferret: 2. Enjoy!

So far I have sent out about 130 review copies for Run From The Reaper. And can I say that I am nervous about the reviews? I was very confident for Fixing Cupid. But for this one I'm nervous.

I am really concerned that people won't get what they are expecting with this book. The description very accurately describes the book. But I used the writing style that came to me while writing it. I'm not sure if people will like the flowing nature of it.

Someone had reviewed one of my other books and had called the writing intoxicating. My thought was, 'that's not what I call intoxicating writing. This is what I call intoxicating writing.' And then I wrote Run From The Reaper in a very sensual way. It is possible that some people might not like it at all. But I guess that I will very soon see.

The only other thing on my mind tonight is a woman. There is a woman that I got to know recently and when I met her, I wasn't taken by her. But she was pretty so we hung out once. There was no chemistry between us so I let her go. I ran into her a couple more times and eventually she did me a favorite that I genuinely appreciated so I did something for her.

After that we spent more time together and after a while I realized that she is funny and makes me laugh. That is so rare. So after that I decide that I like her. Can I tell you that between that time she started going out with her ex-boyfriend again. So now I kind of like her and she's with him. Sucks! And the bad thing is that I'm not being social enough to replace her in my thoughts. So thoughts of her still linger even though I don't contact her anymore. It's really too bad. I need to figure out how to get out more...

Oh, and there was this one woman, she was actually a model/writer that I met on the same day that I went out for the first time with the girl I described above. I would so love to talk to her again. She had a boyfriend to. But man did I like her. She was one of the coolest, most beautiful, funny women that I have ever met. And we had incredible chemistry together. Again, too bad.

Anyway back to the important stuff. Tomorrow I will most likely upload Everybody vs The Ferret: 2. So on Wednesday I will probably start editing Samurai Zombie Hunter. That will probably take about a week. After that I will start outlining the next book. I have decided to give that book a female lead. I've never done that before so I will be pushing my limits. We'll see how that goes.

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