Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Everybody vs The Ferret: 3 might actually cross the line

Everybody vs The Ferret: 3

Words: 3,323
Time: 11 - 6 (1hr break)
Mood: Okay
Impression: It possibly crosses the line

Today was the first full day of writing that I put into Everybody vs The Ferret: 3. I thought that I would do more than did, but it's not too bad. The important thing is that even if I did more tonight, I wouldn't finish until tomorrow anyway. So I decided to call it quits today and play some touch rugby tonight.

When I was writing today, I definitely feel like I may have crossed a line. As I wrote it I could see the responses that some readers will have. There are people that thought my book Fixing Cupid was too much for them. Geez, this is way beyond that. And my only defense is that these aren't real kids. There animated characters with fruits for heads. That should give me a certain level of creative license. The story is clever though, so I have that going for it.

And this morning I was also giving some thought to Light Rider or Lightening Rider (I will have to choose one as a working title. Lightning Rider is a little more compelling and sound less like Knight Rider.

So I was thinking about Lightning Rider and there might be another good reason not to write it. The audience for the book would be teens. The way most authors make a living writing is that they write books that attracts readers that can go on to purchase their other books. Let's say a 14 year old reads Lightning Rider and they like it. That 14 year old checks out the rest of my books. What other book of mine can they buy?

If they thought oh, this is a YA writer so Samurai Zombie Hunter must be kid friendly, they would be pretty shocked when they read the book. Even Fixing Cupid and Run From The Reaper aren't kid friendly books. The question is why would I go after a completely different audience that wouldn't be able to just move onto one of my other series?

It seems that even though I am continuing to develop the story in my head, this series doesn't seem like a smart I idea from a business perspective. Hmmm...

Oh, I just checked. There are already 2 books called Lightning Rider. So Light Rider it is.

Oh, and I forgot. I got a new review for Fixing Cupid today on all sites. The title of the review is 'Laugh Out Loud Funny!' It's a great review in spite of the fact that it was three stars.

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