Saturday, August 27, 2011

My next book will be 'Hide From The Reaper'

Everybody vs The Ferret: 3

Editing: 8,833
Time: 11 - 12:30am (3 hours break)
Mood: Pretty Good
Impression: It is clever, but it needs one more pass

I was telling a friend about this book today. As soon as I mentioned the first part of the story, she stopped me and said "Umm, Cristian some people are not going to like this. Aren't you worried that some people will use this in the wrong way?" The answer? Yes. But after I explained all of the story, her next response was "brilliant."

Last night I explained the book to someone else and she said, "You shouldn't publish it. It will harm your reputation and the reputation of your 'Everybody Masturbates' books. She backed off a little when I explained to her that the Everybody Masturbates books weren't meant to be sacred.

But I understand what she was saying. And it crosses my mind as well. Will my Everybody vs The Ferret books make readers view me as creepy and not worthy of the trust it takes to buy my book 'Everybody Masturbates.'

I can't live in fear though. My Everybody vs The Ferret books are very intelligent pieces of satire. So I think that if you read the whole book, they are little treasures. But not everyone is going to understand it as satire. I think that there will be a backlash. Oh well, because I will publish them no matter the consequences.

On another topic, I have decided what my next book will be. It will be a sequel to Run From the Reaper called Hide From the Reaper. What finally decided it for me was that starting another series would be financially irresponsible. I need to have sequels so that I at least have a shot at making my living as a writer. And for right now, I need to write books that those who like my work will also like. That is how writers make a living.

This weekend I will put together the cover for Ferret 3. Hopefully after that I will have an editor that will take a pass on it. Then I publish. So that means that next week I start to think about what the second Reaper story will be.

I wrote the source material for Run From the Reaper about 8 years ago. I was in a different mindset back then. I am a fundamentally different person back then. I don't tell stories the same way anymore. I considered myself a screenplay writer back then. Now I'm a novelist. It's very different.

Novels are longer and fuller. The characters are richer. And since then my characters have become a lot darker. My life has become darker since then. Hide From the Reaper will probably explore some new dark secret that I would like to experience.

I'm not really looking forward to writing it, but it is still early in the process. Odds are that before I start I will find some new aspect of desire that I would like to explore. I promise to not create trash. There is a specialness to Run From the Reaper but that story has already been told. But I think there are other ways within that world to find specialness.

But I guess I can talk about it all I want. In a few month we will all see. I also wonder how many books are enough. This book makes number 11. The question is, how many does it take. Some people have 4 or 5 and do quite well. How many do I need? I think I need 4 more. 15 stories sounds like a lot of books, right? That will be enough, right?

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