Monday, August 8, 2011

Run From The Reaper is again Available for sale on Amazon

Today 'Run From The Reaper' became available on Amazon. I'm not sure how I feel about it. I also sent out 50 free copies to book reviewers who requested the book. They had requested it after the first release but I stopped sending them out when I realized that there were errors. That is also when I quit writing.

I have been lucky enough to get a number of great reviews, but I think that I've never gotten as many flattering complements as I've gotten from this book... which is odd because I've also never gotten as many bad reviews. I know the bad reviews were because of the errors, but still, go figure.

Yesterday I also sent my book 'Samurai Zombie Hunter' to the editor. I chose the person I did because he emailed me and told me that he loves zombie fiction for the social commentary. After reading that I immediately called him and made him defend himself. He did. And he did it convincingly. Apparently Zombie fiction has a lot of social commentary. Who knew?

I'm told that Run From the Reaper is a good and unique book, but I think that Samurai Zombie Hunter will turn more heads. In spite of the fact that I hated that book for a long time; in spite of the fact that I stopped writing it for 6 months; in spite of the fact that I wanted to kill myself while writing it; in spite of the fact that I complained about it to no end; in spite of all of that, it is a truly unique book and... dare I say it... I'm proud of it. Wow, I kind of hate myself for saying it. Because I still hate that fucking book for what it did to me. But if people can't appreciate the brilliance in that book, then I'm just not that brilliant.

Who the hell else writes a book about a man who is trying to find himself as a human being and as a male in this society, while working as a samurai zombie hunter in a zombie infested world? Seriously, if people don't appreciate this book, I really should quit writing because I will never do anything more clever or touching than that. I put everything I had into that book. I don't have more in me than that. And if I am found dead in the woods, odds are very good that it has something to do with readers lack of appreciation for that book.

The editor told me that he should be done editing it on the 18th. When I told him the story, his first response was "you know that people are going to see it as an analogy for being in the closet, right?" That made me kind of glad. The definition of art is that people can see their issues in it even if the artist didn't intend that interpretation. I'm no artist, but I didn't intend that interpretation. So maybe this zombie book is going to approach the ranks of art. Ha! Wouldn't that be funny.

On another topic, I had an interesting exchange with a friend yesterday. I finally saw the last Harry Potter movie and as the movie hit the 2nd third I couldn't stop thinking how I could write a story like that. So I posted on twitter that "I could do that... and maybe I should." And a friend retorted by saying that I was arrogant and somewhat rude for making such a statement.

I have to say that I was a little surprised. This was the last person who I thought would doubt my ability. Granted he has never read any of my books so he doesn't have anything to base his doubt on, but it really surprised me none-the-less. I think that I offended him as a writer because I thought of JK Rowlings as just another creative person, and that anyone, much less me could equal her level of creativity. It was a little unusual. I'm not used to being chastised for believing in myself; especially by friends. My friends have actually been chosen for their unjustified belief in me. That's why I love them so.

Anyway, the book I was thinking about doing what Rowlings did, is the YA book that I was considering writing before I quit writing. The problem is that when I quit writing I let go of the book. Now I can't remember it. I remember the basics of it but not my pitch for the book. I told it to 3 people but I don't think they remember it either. Oh well.

When I quit writing I left 'Everybody vs. the Ferret 3' outlined and started but unfinished. So it isn't exactly like I don't have a book in the works, but it feels a little unusual that I don't have a novel in the works. I kind of feel a little worthless. I, sadly, am a writer. My greatest calling is to write. Yet, I'm not doing it. And I can't do it right now because I can't afford it. I'm feeling more than a little impotent (figuratively speaking) because of it. I'm feeling like I'm wasting my life. OK, thinking about it is starting to get me depressed so I'm not going to.

But in short, please purchase a copy of 'Run From The Reaper'. I'm told that it's very good read and it will make me very happy. :-)

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