Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Here is the new blurb for Samurai Zombie Hunter - what do you think?

I have decided to release Run From the Reaper in paperback. Books with low Kindle book prices consistently do poorly in paperback. There are books that sell thousand of copies a month through the kindle and barely sell a few dozen in paperback. But in spite of that, I have decide to forge forward.

Today I spent my spare time formatting the book. And then in the middle of formatting I realized that I needed a blurb for Samurai Zombie Hunter. So then I stopped formatting and started working on the blurb. Here is what I came up with with feedback from a buddy of mine. What do you think? Someone I know rated it about a 7 out of 10 for intrigue. What is your rating?

Samurai Zombie Hunter

The extinction of humanity approaches… 10 years ago an infected priest stumbled out of the jungles of South America. No one saw him for who he was, the killer of millions. Now, the infection has spread across the globe. Governments crumble as they decide who could live and who must die.

Out of this pre-apocalyptic world emerges Van, a man who is ordinary in every way but one, he is a Samurai. Mysteriously abandoned by everyone he cares for, he is paralyzed with loneliness. And offering him the one thing he can’t live without, his exploiters manipulate him to hire out his sword. A river of zombie blood follows. To the pure, Van becomes a folk hero; to the secretly infected, his actions are the beginning of the war.

As humanity’s darkest forces gather on one side and the incurably diseased gather on the other, civilization is on the brink of its goriest war. And Van, blinded by love and a secret that could change the course of the world, has to decide who he must kill to prevent the zombie apocalypse.

In this book series, author Cristian YoungMiller uses action and dark humor to explore deeper themes such as sex, isolation, vulnerability and the killing of zombies with samurai swords.

On other fronts, I will be getting a new roommate in a week. I have long decided that I don't want to live alone. I did it for a while and liked it. But then a friend moved in and then out and I felt his absence. Ever since then I have had a roommate.

I have to say that I'm kind of excited about the new roomie. It will be nice to have a different type of energy in the house. I'm not going to say any more about it because something tells me that she will read this. But I look forward to the new experience.

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