Saturday, May 21, 2011

Should I write a Young Adult sci-fi book?

Book: Samurai Zombie Hunter
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I know that I'm currently writing a zombie book. But the truth is that I didn't actually think that I was writing a real zombie book. When I came up with the idea, I literally had know idea that zombie's were hot. I chose the subject matter because I wanted to deal with the idea of loneliness and isolation in a unique way.

And because I was after the human aspects of being a zombie, I thought that this book was going to be more about the internal struggles of a guy struggling with his inner zombie. But no. This is apparently a full out zombie book. The traditional zombie stuff doesn't happen until the second half, but the undead do limp out of the darkness in search of brains.

Chapter 8, the chapter I just finished, is almost me showing off. I have written a few books now. And because I have, I've had practice writing certain types of scenes. This one chapter seemed to have all of those types of scenes in it. I liked it.

And if anyone every needed addition proof that there was something wrong with me, all one has to do is look at the female characters that populate my books. I just created another one today. I have to say that I love the woman that I created today. I think that no healthy man should, but I do. I guess in many ways she reminds me of the strong women that Kathrine Hepburn played. And although she was great fun to watch, I imagine that Hepburn was a wildly broken person.

I write about broken women just as much as I write about broken men. The romance in my mind is that these two broken people find each other. If ever I were to write a simply great girl instead of a charismatic, quick witted and spunky woman, you'll know that my therapy has finally kicked in. My characters and books might be too boring to read, but I would probably be a much healthier human being. Luckily for those who enjoy my books, there's really no chance of that ever happening.

Now about the future. I watched another interview about Amanda Hocking yesterday. She is the indie book queen right now. In one year she went from being unpublished to selling a million copies and signing a $2 million dollar deal with St. Martin's press. A story about her was what got me to go on the writing terror that I have.

After watching the video, I watched the movie 'I Am Number Four'. Both subjects have one thing in common. They are both about a genre called YA (young adult). Since my current book will be finished in a few day and I shouldn't make a decision about which sequel to write until after I check my sales on the last day of June, I'm wondering what I should do with the three weeks that I will have free in between.

One thought is that I should take a break. I have written a lot since March. One might even say that I've earned it. Another thought would be to start 'Hide From The Reaper', the sequel to 'Run From The Reaper' since from the little information I have, RFTR seems to be selling the best of all of my books. And my last thought would be to try one more genre. That genre would be YA. It is extremely popular right now and would seem to work very well with my ever present themes of loneliness and isolation.

Here's the only thing. YA is a female dominated genre. The story that I would write would be Sci-Fi with interpersonal drama. And all of my books so far have had males as the main character. But maybe I shouldn't worry about that. 'I am number four' had a male lead and it's sci-fi. That book seemed to have done pretty well. Hmmm.

I've run the concept for the book series by 3 readers today and they seem to like it. I know that it will tough to write because I would want it to do what my favorite sci-fi stories do, take you to new worlds. Creating new worlds is the toughest type of writing to because it is so involved. I have had some practice on that though. That is what I did in 'The First Day After Life'.

I think that I have to keep in mind that if I don't write the book now, I don't think that I will ever write it. And it might be nice to have one more book series that I can write a sequel to later. And who knows, maybe people will like it and make my effort worth my while. I will have to think more about it.

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