Monday, May 2, 2011

Everybody vs The Ferret:1 is done!

Book: Everybody vs The Ferret: 1
Words: 7,852 (editing)
Time: Noon - 4:30
Mood: Excellent
Impression: It pretty good

I am so happy that I'm done! I am so incredibly happy to be done. I was so tired. This fury that I was on was such a burden to me. The absolute truth is that I think that I lost my mind for a moment there. And all I could do to survive is write. And since that is the only thing that I could do, I did it and I didn't stop doing it.

I was writing out of desperation because I was having an existential crisis. I really didn't know why I was living life. I have always gotten so much praise from people for everything that I've done and yet I still wasn't were I wanted to be. And it was killing me. And I don't really mean that figuratively. I mean that I was closer to death than I will admit. I wanted to not be here any more.

But then I started writing. And I wrote with complete abandon. I decided that if I wasn't going to be here anymore than I was going to leave something behind. And I knew that if it existed electronically then it would survive me. So I converted everything that I had into an ebook and I just kept going.

But today when I hit publish on the Kindle program I felt such a relief. I was so happy! I was done! Even thinking about it now I almost want to fall down onto my knees and cry. It was an incredibly dark time for me. And writing kept me alive. And now that that is done I can let whatever happens to me happen. If I must go back to a marketing job that I don't love, I can do it. If I have to go back to the Bahamas and die there, so be it. What I'm saying is that I have accomplished what I wanted to do and now I'm open to what may come next.

I still have things scheduled to write. For example after my week break is up I have to turn my attention to the next one which I don't even want to acknowledge. And in a months time I have to write Everybody vs The Ferret: 2. But today after I finished the book, I drove to the racquetball court and I felt normal again. I needed to be done so badly. And now I am. And I'm going to enjoy it for a while.

Though in the mean time I have the launch of Run From the Reaper in a day and Everybody vs The Ferret: 1 the same day. And I will have to do as marketing for that as I can think of so that I it does what it is supposed to do as a book.

Honestly, everyone who is reading this. I hope that you enjoy the books. They and especially Run From the Reaper represents me in an accurate way. And when you read it, keep in mind that the runner in the beginning of the story is me. That is how I felt when I wrote it. The Red Reaper was my demon.

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