Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Was interviewed for a documentary because I wrote a book

Book: Happiness Thru The Art of... PenisLink Enlargement
Book: Samurai Zombie Hunter

Today I was interviewed for a documentary on penis enlargement. I'm not sure what I can say about it, but I was very happy with the interview. It is never until I do interviews that I realize just how much information I have on a topic. And also, you never know how much information you have until you look around and ask people, "did you know this?"

Anyway, it was fun. I still have to figure out a way to be on camera more. I love it and I'm good at it. I guess the point is that if I keep doing it and do it well, I will get more opportunities.

Today is day two of celibacy. I miss masturbation. Did you know that Everybody Masturbates? Yeah, I read that in a book somewhere.

I did not do any work on Samurai Zombie Hunter today. I probably won't do any tomorrow either. But I feel that as long as my day is productive then I'm fine. The truth is that after my interview, I was so jazzed by the way it went that I couldn't do any more work for the day. Instead I got in a brisk few games of racquetball. Tomorrow I have a job interview and then I have a friend in town that I promised to spend time with. Thursday though. I will be back to writing on Thursday.

I have also decided that I will be checking my sales numbers at the end of June. There will be no backing out of that. It is firm. That is when I will do it. And my goal is to have Samurai Zombie Hunter done by then.

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