Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Released 2 books today

Book: Run From The Reaper
Book: Everybody vs The Ferret
Mood: Great!
Impression: It's pretty great

Today I released 2 books. These are both books that were created from previous scripts that I spent a lot of time on. I'm very happy with both releases. And the great thing is that both books got sales on their first day. You've got to love that. Thank you readers.

On an unfortunate note, I do have to change the description for 'The First Day After Life'. Unfortunately I received a bad review and I think it was because the person was expecting something else when he read the book. The funny thing is that I didn't want to write what I wrote. But I was talked into writing it.

There was even a point when I said, "Don't you think that a reader might be upset if I don't mention the fact that the book takes place in the living world and the afterlife but I don't mention it?" The person said that they wouldn't. Now I have a bad review. And the unfortunate thing is that I found it just after I emailed 300 people bragging about my other great 5 star review. DAMN IT!

Oh well. What are you gonna do... I mean other than looking around my place looking for something destructive I could do to take my mind off of my one bad review. But hey, on the other hand, I did get 3 great five star reviews in the last couple of days for 'Everybody Masturbates.' Well, I guess you can't win them all.

I keep thinking whether or not I should change something in the book 'The First Day After Life' and I keep thinking 'no'. The book is exactly the way that it should be. I wrote it the way I did to answer the question of why bad things happen to people. I can't explain that without talking about everything that I did talk about in the book. That is what the book is. Oh well. I guess that that is the problem with writing books, sometimes people don't like them.

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