Wednesday, April 13, 2011

'Fixing Cupid' is almost published!

Book: 'Fixing Cupid'
Words Edited: 13,000 (finished)
Time: noon-10:30pm
Mood: Great
Impression: Concerned again

So I have finished editing the book and 'Fixing Cupid' is about to be published. It is also formatted and I took my first pass at the description. I will post it below. The book really is very funny. I have no concerns about that at all. But in doing some research for my book I noticed that all of the top romantic comedies have female protagonists. 'Fixing Cupid' has a male protagonist. Oh oh! Is it that men aren't writing a lot of romantic comedy books or is that women much prefer to read stories about women. Oh oh!

Well, the book is what it is and it really is very funny. But I might have to tweak the description to hide something. I'm not sure what yet, but something.

Tomorrow I finalize the cover, and then start editing 'Run From The Reaper.' I'll post that description tomorrow.

Fixing Cupid

Ben Bonner is an uptight, conservative lawyer who has everything except for love. After one heart break too many, his best friend Carey arranges for him to move in with a magical character named Jack. Urban legend has it that whoever lives with Jack will immediately find their soul mate and live happily ever after. However this match comes with a catch because Jack is also a mid-aged, party animal. And although he finds his roommates love, Jack also ruins every other aspects of his roommate's life.

Desperate to find love, Ben moves in and immediately meets Anna, a smart, beautiful woman that takes Ben’s breathe away. It’s too bad that Ben breaks Jack’s magic before he can get Anna to fall in love with him. So with his life crumbling around him and the love of his life fading away, it is up to Ben to rescue his life and fix Jack so that he can win over the girl and then live happily ever after. Inspired by a true story.

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