Saturday, April 16, 2011

I need to edit everything this weekend!

Book: Fixing Cupid
Book: Run From the Reaper
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Yesterday I did edit. I edited 1 chapter. But it was the hardest chapter for 'Run From the Reaper'. It was the first one. And for what ever reason I decided to do something a little different for this chapter. I made it Artsy. I didn't do it on purpose, that is just what came out.

Can't lie. It sounds really, really good when I read it aloud. But it also reminds me of the books that we discussed in College. Because it isn't your basic stuff. The first lines of the book are "Silence. A Breath cuts through the silence; then again silence." And then it carries on like that for 4 pages. Again, it sound really cool when I read it aloud. But will the reader instinctually read it like I intended. Also, this is supposed to be my mass market Supernatural Thriller. I am supposed to be making it as accessible as possible.

Actually, I did recently get a BRILLIANT review by this top 10 amazon reviewer and he referred to the writing in 'The First Day After Life' as "intoxicating". I read the book. I think it was alright. But the first Chapter of 'Run From the Reaper' would be something closer to intoxicating. But again, it is supposed to be mass market. Oh well. It is what it is.

Here is what I did like about the chapter. I have this thing about working instead of having a life. And I often compare it to never being able to stop running. And the first chapter is about this guy who is running from the 'Red Reaper'. And as long as he is running, the Reaper stays away. But the minute he stops it appears. In other words, his demons are chasing him, and whenever he stops he has to face them so he keeps running. I think that is one hell of an analogy. I knew my insanity would come in handy at some point.

The rest of my days were spent tweaking my cover and starting up a new facebook community called Funny Amazon Kindle Books. The purpose of the page is for Kindle readers to be able to quickly find funny kindle books. Check it out if you haven't. Like it. You will be glad that you did. :-)

Oh, and listen to this great story. I just joined the facebook community 'Amazon Kindle'. I posted a comment to say hello and someone immediately commented "Wow Cristian! Love 'The First Day After Life'". When I saw that I thought that she was referring to the cover. But, now I'm think that she read it. How coincidental is that. I don't know how many people bought it, but there couldn't be more than 10 or something. It's only been out a month. And it's long so it must have taken a while to read it. Yet I randomly meet her on line. How cool is that?

I really have to edit this weekend because all next week I will be working on the TV show 'Bones'. I really love that show, watching it and being on it. All of the women on the show are very attractive.

Also, our excerpt trading trio is complete. Lucy Maran and Heidi Hall and I will be trading excerpts. I think this will definitely be great for all of us. All three books are romantic comedies with male protagonists. We should boost each other's sales significantly. It should be a great win-win-win. And with that, my effort of Humor book world domination is taking shape. HooHahahaha!

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