Sunday, April 10, 2011

I finished writing 'Run From The Reaper' in 6 days!

Words: 10,243
Time: 12:15-12:15am (minus 90 minutes for food and breaks)
Mood: Awesome
Impression: It's good

So amazingly enough I wrote a book in 6 days. Granted, what I was doing was converting a script to a book so it's not like it was from scratch. But still, 6 days ago this book didn't exist and today it does. GOD DAMN MAN!

So my impression of it? It's a little uneven. The beginning is brilliant but it isn't written in a way that can be sustained. So I have to make the transition between writing styles better. I also think that it took me a third of the book to hit my groove. The funny thing is that a third of the book was 2 days ago... because I wrote 18,000 words in 2 day! HA!

Back to my impression. I honestly believe that people will enjoy reading it. It has an excellent opening scene which people will read in the sample. After that it's a slow build, but once it gets rolling it's a snow ball down a hill. So as long as my design gives me a good cover I will sell quite a few of them. And readers will enjoy it and suggest it to friends.

And what's more, this book is kind of a time capsule of who I was when I wrote the source material. The book is absolutely a Supernatural thriller. But it is also quite spiritual. I won't mention that anywhere though. I will simply allow people to find it for themselves.

Ok, so last night I got my first review for 'The First Day After Life'. It was 5-stars! I'm super proud of that. That book sat on my shelf for 2 years. My readers took forever to read it and I got the impression that it wasn't good. The only reason I released it is because I read an article about Amanda Hockings and how she released her back list. That was the only book I had in my back list. Once I released it, it very quickly became my best seller. Who would have guessed that. Certainly not me!

So my plan now is to start editing the book I just finished 8 days ago, release that and then come back and edit this one. That should give me 4 new titles in my collection over the last 2.5 months. That's crazy. My next book after that is a book I started but then stopped. It is a zombie book and it could be my best book yet. It has humor, action, sex and zombies killing other zombies with samurai swords. I read some of it recently and I can confirm that it is dynamite!

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