Monday, April 11, 2011

I rolled in my chair with laughter at 'Fixing Cupid'

Words Edited: 27,588
Time: 12:15 - 11:45pm
Mood: Very Good
Impression: It is very funny

So I started editing 'Fixing Cupid' today. I really wasn't looking forward to it because I had glanced at it after I finished writing it and it looked like a jumbled mess. Apparently I was drunk at the time because that couldn't be further from the truth.

In fact, the first 2 chapters were so funny that I found myself laughing uncontrollable many times. At one point I experienced an avalanche of laughter where I laughed at one thing before the sentence was complete, I finished the sentence and laughed harder. And the I read the next sentence and had to stop while I rocked back and forth with laughter. It was really funny!

Also, the editing is going incredibly fast. Apparently there aren't many grammatical errors or typos. There are certainly some sentences and paragraphs that I have to change, but it is very clean otherwise. At this rate I should be done with editing by tomorrow and I will be able to publish this book by the end of the week.

The only thing that might be holding me back is the fact that I will be doing an excerpt exchange. I will definitely be doing one with Lacy Maran in her book 'Cupid's Dating Disasters'. I am also hoping to work with Heidi Hall in her book An Unexpected Obsession. But Heidi took a while to get back to me the last time, so it's possible that she only checks her author related email on the weekends. Either way I will be formating everything this week and just leaving a gap for whoever that ultimate 3rd author will be.

I have to say that I'm pretty excited about releasing this book. And it's not because I think that it will be successful, which I think it will be. But because I can't wait for people to read it and enjoy it, because I know they will. That wasn't the case with any of my other books. This is the first one that I feel comfortable saying that everyone who likes reading humor should really read this book!

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