Saturday, April 9, 2011

I wrote 8,194 words of my book in one day!

Words: 8,194
Time: Noon-Midnight (minus 2 hours from meals and breaks)
Mood: Pretty good
Impression: It's pretty good

So today I blew away my previous personal best on words per day. My goal was to do 5,000 words and I exceeded it by a little bit. 8K is the equivalent of me having 2 good days back to back. And I did it without feeling completely fried. It just so happened that I decided to set a goal of where I wanted to be when I ended and I kept writing until I got there. Sweet!

Today was also an interesting day because the top 10 Amazon reviewer finally wrote his review of 'The First Day After Life.' He sent it to me so I can't imagine that it's bad. I'm hoping that it is at least a 4-star. He gave everything else I wrote 5-stars, so I would suspect that he wouldn't go from that to 3, right? In either case, I told myself I wouldn't open it until after I finished writing. If I ended up not liking it in any way, I knew that I would be lost for the rest of the night... and I had a goal to reach.

With this incredible day today, I could still finish in 7 days if I were to do at least 6,000 tomorrow and around 5,000 on Sunday. I have rugby on Sunday and there is no way that I'm going to give up that when I know that I have Monday available as well. Though if I can finish on Sunday, I could use Monday to submit an animated TV pilot to the Fox Animation TV contest. The pilot I wrote is based on my characters from my Everybody Masturbate books. The pilot is called: 'Everybody Vs. The Ferret'. I'm told that it's very funny.

Well, I'm going to check my email, maybe watch an animated TV show and then get some rest so I can do it all over tomorrow. Yay! But soon though. Soon I will be done and I won't start my next project for months (or 1 month which ever comes first).

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