Thursday, April 28, 2011

A new cover for my book: Run From The Reaper

Book: Run From The Reaper
Mood: A little defeated
Impression: The cover is very close, the blurb is sucking royally.

So here is the new cover for Run From The Reaper. Everyone seems to like it. There is only one exception it seems. That would be me. It just feels monotone to me. But seriously, I am the only one. So clearly I'm going with the majority.

Other than hanging out with friends today I also worked on the book description. Frankly, this is kicking my ass. I have made 4 complete passes at it. I haven't heard any feedback on the last one yet. I have posted it below.

With everything close I have set a release date for 6 days from now. It seems that I already have 1 sale. Hopefully that won't be my only one.

It awakens… In a college town gripped by a record cold, the Red Reaper is summoned. Unleashed, it is an unstoppable creature that forces its victims to live their most terrifying desires. If they resist, they die.

Jon, a lonely professor, barely holds on to his sanity. He visits Clay, a powerful psychic who promises to give him what he wants most. Unbeknownst to Clay, Jon’s twisted desires calls forth the Red Reaper. An endless night follows.

Sarah, a gorgeous expert on the underworld, falls for Jon and attempts to help the two men. But ensnared by the Red Reaper she is forced to join the two as they flee. To survive they must: figure out what the Reaper will do next; how to escape the Reaper’s relentless attack; and how to stay alive while they do.

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