Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My last day on the Season Finale of Bones

Book: Run From The Reaper
Book: Everybody vs The Ferret
Words: None
Time: None
Mood: Good
Impression: The cover is a winner

Today was my 5th and last day on the season finale of Bones. It was a good experience. The entire crew was pretty great and I am all over that episode. I will be the tall black guy in the yellow and blue plaid shirt.

This morning when I woke up, I received the first draft of the cover design for Run From The Reaper. Initially I was apprehensive. I didn't like the font and I thought that the colors weren't layered enough.

However, throughout the day I showed the cover to 12 people. They all liked it. What do you think? I requested 2 small changes and that's it. I should have it by the time I wake up tomorrow. So in the morning I post onto the Kindle Boards and start getting opinions from everyone there. They are usually really great with giving me their opinions.

After taking my survey I mocked up the cover for my 'Everybody vs The Ferret' series of books. There should be 6 of them produced 1 a month and they are based on my characters from my Everybody Masturbates book series. I have only showed the cover to one person and they didn't like it. Granted the person had just finishing saying how much they liked Run From The Reaper. And he had said that RFTR was my best cover. So EVTF must have paled in comparison. Oh well. I posted that cover below as well.

I think this new book is suffering from a lack of source material for use in making a cover. You can give me your opinion on that one too if you choose. :-)

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