Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I gave up early

Words: 746
Time: 10:30 - Midnight
Mood: Fine
Impression: Worried

I waited too late to write today. Damn it! But I couldn't figure out a way to have my cake and... I had to work all day today and then I got into my writing pose at 9. I then hopped on the kindle boards and read for an hour and a half.

My time on KB was productive though because someone had suggested a way of getting book reviews. My book 'The First Day After Life' still doesn't have any reviews. And the top 10 reviewer that has loved every one of my books and has posted his reviews within 3 days of getting the books hasn't posted a review yet. Certainly the new book is both longer and a slower read, but I thought that he would have something up by now (a week). And the fact that it isn't can't be a good sign.

As for what I'm writing now, there is something that isn't quite right so far. My plan was for this to be my pulp fiction series. It was going to be shallow on character and high on thrills. But it is taking some work to get the pulp out of me.

Tonight I first decided to take a break and write again tonight, but I wasn't going to get enough distance with a 15 minute break. I need to sleep on it. And although I have to work tomorrow too, I'm hoping that I will have washed the way it started out of my mind and get back to my pulp mission.

I definitely think there could be 3 books in this Red Reaper series. I just need to be smart about how I shape them. Still though, 746 words are better than none. Even if I did only that many everyday, I would still be done in a month. And that's still not bad.

BTW, did I mention that it is now 1:15am and I have to get up at 6:30 so that I can be on set in Simi Valley at 8:30? I am going to be tired again tomorrow. Damn it!

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