Sunday, April 3, 2011

Read the Source material for the first time

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I should start off by telling everyone that what I will be doing is converting a script that I wrote a few years ago into a book. I just finished doing this with a romantic comedy that I wrote this year and I loved the result.

'Run From The Reaper' is a script that I wrote back in 2002 after I finished directing my first movie. This was going to be my followup movie if I could find financing. I hadn't written a supernatural thriller before, but I figured that it would be the easiest genre to shot cheaply. Well, I couldn't find the money.

It probably would have stayed in the closet if I hadn't read an article about Amanda Hocking making $2 million by publishing books for 99 cents. After that article I published 'The First Day After Life'. That was a book that sat on my counter for 2 years. And then I looked at the script that I had just finished called: 'Fixing Cupid'. And now there's this.

Today was my day to read it. I hadn't thought much about it in years and barely remembered anything. All I remembered was that I liked it at the time. Well, I love the opening! The dialogue in the first scene that follows the opening is a little cluncky. But luckily there is barely any dialogue in the script at all so no worries about that. And overall it's a great concept that could easily support sequels and it's good.

More than once did I get a shudder from something I read. At one point one point I had to put my computer down because I was getting freaked out. I remember the first time I had a friend read one of my scripts. Her feedback was it was hard to read because she really gets into stories and it was really intense. I could only imagine what she was saying because I don't get that emotionally involved with stories. However, this story freaked me out a little. So I imagine that a lot of people are going to get a lot creaped out by this book . I even considered putting the story in the freezer tonight so I could sleep more soundly. I'm just saying. :-)

Anyway, my plan tomorrow is to start writing the book. I have NO clue how that is going to go. This isn't comedy so I imagine that it will go by easily but who knows. My abitious goal is to write 5,000 words tomorrow and everyday until I'm done. That would allow me to finish in about 7 days. Ha! We'll see!

Oh, and here is the latest version of the cover.

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