Thursday, April 14, 2011

Published 'Fixing Cupid' today

Book: 'Fixing Cupid'
Words: Published!
Mood: Awesome!
Impression: People will love it!

Today I published 'Fixing Cupid'. It should be live on Saturday. Yay! What I am most happy about is that I know that people will laugh hard while reading the book, and people are going to love it. I don't think that I have had such confidence about a book before. Of course, my last books were: Everybody Masturbates, Happiness May Vary (an adult humor book), and The First Day After Life (a spiritual book). They absolutely have an audience but they are slightly short of mass market. This romantic comedy for everyone... or at least almost everyone.

So, on this the day that I published the book, I finalized the description (which I have included below), and finalized the cover (this means that I converted it from a low resolution version to a high resolution version). It's good be done... with that one.

Starting tomorrow I will start editing 'Run From the Reaper.' It is a novella so I'm hoping that it doesn't take me more than 4 days. A childhood friend is coming into town on Monday, and it would be great if I could have all of my work done before I play. (That is what my mother used to say when I would play with him as a child.) No matter when I finish editing it though, I can't publish it until the cover is done. The designer doesn't have to have it done until the end of the month, so it probably won't be in much before that.

So after I finish editing and formatting 'Run From The Reaper', I finally get back to working a novel that isn't being adapted from a script; 'Samurai Zombie Hunter'. I've been putting it off, but it is about that time. Also, this book is the last original story that I will write for a while. The plan after that is to decide on which of my books would benefit the most from a sequel and write that. My goal is to earn a living from my books, and it is almost impossible to do it without an audience that returns for a second of your books.

All of this though, is really in preparation for Christmas. That is where all kindle author's wishes come true. At that time we all hope to take advantage of the big Kindle gift giving which is sure to occur. Wish me luck... or better yet, check out one of my books. I promise that they are all pretty good to great. :-)

Here is the description for 'Fixing Cupid':

Fixing Cupid

Ben Bonner is an uptight, conservative lawyer who has everything except for love. After one heart break too many, his best friend Carey arranges for him to move in with a magical character named Jack. Urban legend has it that whoever lives with Jack will immediately find their soul mate and live happily ever after. However this match comes with a catch because Jack is also a middle-aged party animal. And although he finds his roommates love, Jack also ruins every other aspects of their life.

Desperate to find his special one, Ben moves in and immediately meets Anna Henderson, a smart, beautiful woman who takes Ben’s breathe away. Anna, though, isn’t the type to sit around waiting for a man. She’s witty, spirited and she has a few secrets of her own. In fact, she isn’t even sure how much she likes Ben… which makes it too bad that in his frustration, Ben breaks Jack’s Cupid-like powers. With his powers gone, not only is Jack unable to get Anna to fall in love, but no one else in the world will be able to fall in love either.

So now with his life crumbling around him and the love of his life fading away, it becomes essential for Ben to get Anna’s help so that together they can; fix Jack, help the world to love again, and just maybe, live happily ever after.

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